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Sylvia Beato’s Allegiances is a book of beautiful energy, wide-ranging imagination and deep political commitment. And most of all, Allegiances is a book about loyalty and love. Beato’s poems ask: What is an oath? What is a promise? How do we commit to living in this broken and beautiful world? Through text and image, Beato explores memory, forgetting and the crucial and essential work that language does to save us.

- Nicole Cooley, author of Girl after Girl after Girl and Of Marriage.

With language committed to historizing and destabilizing the oppressive horrors of nationalism, this debut collection urgently asserts the voices of those so threatened with silence.

- Roger Sedarat, author of Dear Regime: Letters to the Islamic Republic and Ghazal Games.




Sylvia Beato-Davis is a teacher and a writer. She doesn't suffer fools gladly and prefers the company of trees.

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